Sedna XML:DB API Implementation

Sedna XML:DB Driver

23rd January 2012: The Sedna XML:DB API is a mature, reliable and fast way to communicate with the Sedna XML Database. However, it's very unlikely that any further development will go into the Sedna XML:DB API.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to the Sedna XQJ API.


Sedna is a powerful, open source, native XML Database, written from the ground up in C/C++ by Team MODIS. The team has developed and is continuing to develop a XML Database which is starting to seriously boast the functionality and performance of mature relational databases such as MySQL and thus can be taken very seriously by application developers for production grade applications.

Virtually all other XML Databases are written in Java™, also the majority if not all of those provide a network based API which work upon SOAP, XML-RPC, REST or some other bloated protocol. Sedna's network protocol is completley binary based.

The only flaw that was stopping Sedna from reaching its full potential was the lack of an API which could be adopted quickly and easily by a wide range of developers. Java™ is one, if not the most popular of today's programming languages. Team MODIS did provide a Java™ API, but unfortunately it was A. Very basic and B. Completley proprietary.

As a Java™ architect/developer who uses XML extensively, this single failure turned me away from even considering Sedna for use in any software project.

I decided that this new software (and technology) had far too much potential to simply "pass by".

This implementation sticks very closely to the original XML:DB API specification. It has been developed with production grade applications in mind. The utmost of care has gone into testing every single method and piece of functionality.


Click here to download the Sedna XML:DB API